Baby’s got blue eyes…a non blog, blog #16

So a friend of mine was going to get her SL portrait done today and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. Then it dawned on me that with the right photoshop know how and a little bit of patience I could do it myself.

Ok, A LOT of patience. I had some success with a portrait I did a few days ago and the part that really made it pop was the movement in the hair. I ransacked the “HAIR” file and came across this old Exile hair that was partial (hang on to your hats) FLEXI. Yep I said it. Flexi. Now this is ironic due to my judgmental facebook status a few days ago regarding hair stores still making flexi hair. Open mouth, insert foot because to my surprise, it was perfect! The movement was exactly what I was looking for. Now granted I could have spent the time and found a better background but I was excited and frankly, in a hurry.

In this photo, I did the basic editing – skin smoothing just a tad, liquify, curve adjustments, tilt shift, and added a bit of glow. I may have over done it a bit on the glow but I was so surprised I got it to work that I went all in. So the turn out wasn’t so bad and I’m just a little proud. So here it is, my non blog, blog post. Time for bed peeps. Ni NI ❤

Baby's got blue eyes