Oh hello…. #26

Spring - By Inspire

Since I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my laptop my SL photography life has changed so much. I never knew how photo editing could become such good therapy. When I want to completely clear out a bad day at work, you will find me burning and dodging in CS6. I really love the amount of detail you can bring to life through SL portraits. I think I have worn out every youtube photoshop tutorial there is!

I am always on the hunt for new skins because honestly I have yet to really settle on one that feels like “me”.  I stumbled across a fellow flicker friend’s portrait (see it here) and it was so beautiful I had to know where she got the skin. It was from Essences and although they don’t have many skins available, the ones they do have are amazing. I tried on several and there were so many I liked it was hard to decide. I settled on “Wednesday I” in lait skin tone and I am in love.  I tried my hand at the portrait from VerucaVee and I was pleased. It’s no where near as cool as her’s, but I was really happy with all I was able to learn and accomplish with this edit.

The hair and flowers are from the new round of FaMeshed. Hair is from Wasabi Pills and Flowers are from Glam Affair. The beautiful eyes are from IKON (Promise Eyes in Evening).

Anyway, happy shopping and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!