Lyrical Ember’s Blog Challenge #43

Lyrical Blog Challenge

So my good friend and fellow blogger Lyrical Ember put a little challenge out there on Facebook and I am ALWAYS up for a challenge.  How many times have you said to yourself (while blinking at your very full inventory), “UGH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. Meanwhile your pixel closet is so jam packed you can barely change clothes without crashing? Well the struggle is real folks. I to suffer from what I call “One and Done” syndrome where  I buy it, I blog it, then I store it away never to be seen again. So in this challenge we were supposed to dig deep into the archives of our inventories and blog as many things as you can that were at least a year old. This actually turned out to be a blast. I discovered things in my inventory that I haven’t seen in ages and it was kind of like going back in SL time. There are a few new items in this post but most everything is at least a year to 2 years old. I even threw on a prim skirt (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Love ya kiddos!


~My Look~
SKINEssences “Wednesday” in Latte
HAIR: Spellbound “Sunday” Brunettes *NEW*
TATTOOSleepy Bozer “Farewell” Summer
TANK: Tee*fy Tucked Tank White
SKIRT: IAF Jovonnista Skirt Leopard (available on marketplace)
BAG: Just Design Cassandra Bag Crocodile
NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer Filigree Oval
BRACELETS: Maxi Gossamer Athena Bangles
SUNGLASSES: Izzie’s Oversized Sunglasses Brown
HEELS: Candydoll Oxygen Brown

POSES: PoseMe Judy Bag set 1 & 2 *NEW*