Reckless Abandon #46

Reckless Abandon EditedHow many times today have you heard “May the 4th be with you?”. Being that I live with a complete Star Wars nerd, that would be A LOT. So I love me some Star Wars as much as the next but the 4th for me means The Chapter Four is open. This is quickly becoming my fave of all the events and here is why.

1. It’s smallish which means it’s manageable. Am I the only one that goes to these huge events in SL and gets completely overwhelmed? I love Chapter Four because it’s got 3-4 smaller rooms packed full of goodies. I know that I can get in, find what I want, and get out to avoid the lag as fast as possible.

2. It has a little bit of everything I like. I know that I can go into this event and basically find an entire outfit from head to toe. Skin, hair, shoes, outfit, accessories, and maybe even a furry friend. Seriously, it has everything.

3. It has the 2 for 1 room which is AMAZEBALLS. So lets say you can’t choose between the 2 awesome hair releases from Little Bones? That struggle my friends is very real. The Chapter Four has solved that for you and is giving you both hair for the price of one. <insert happy dance here>

4. It feeds my love/hate relationship with the gacha. One little room that plots and schemes to take away my lindens. Today I left with 3 kittens that follow me everywhere, everything I need to run my own ramen stand, and a cozy little triangular home in case I get booted from my mansion.  I always imagine my avi turning from the gacha room at the chapter four and doing the “i spent all my lindens” walk of shame.  I think we ALL know why they call it GACHA. Could not be a more literal name.

5. The timing is idiot proof. I don’t ever find myself saying “I wonder when the new round of The Chapter Four will open?” It’s The Chaper FOUR and happens on the FOURTH day of every month. Perfect and easy for this lazy brain of mine to remember. Now where did I put those kittens??

Last but not least..I am forever an AIMI skin fan. Today I am wearing “Ella” and she is beautiful. There has not been one skin I have worn from this creator that I haven’t loved.  Make sure to check out the entire Reborn line and watch out for all the new releases coming this summer. You will LOVE them!

~Roll the credits~
SKIN: AIMI “Ella” in Natural *NEW*
EYES: #adored – unreal eyes in Caramel (available on marketplace)
TATTOO: Reckless “Guts & Glory”
HAIR: Little Bones “Les Garcons” in Ombres @ The Chapter Four *NEW*
JACKET: Ricielli Leather Jacket in Black *NEW*
CROPS: Maitreya Cropped Pants in Red *NEW*
SHOES: Reign Sovereign Wedges in Black
NECKLACE: Mandala “Taiga” Necklace *NEW*
BRACELET & RING: Maxi Gossamer Lyra Set in Nova *NEW*
PUPPY: !! Follow US!!  My Love Dog
KITTY: Alchemy/Birdy Sassy Cat Girl Siamese @ The Chapter Four *NEW*
POSES: Label Motion Poses for TDR – Mix Poses